Spaghetti Gipsy

Clan Zingaro
Dasè Sound Lab
Producer: Allen Ritter
Number of discs: 1

Second world war atmospheres, virtuosity and poetry of the world jazz icon Django Reinhardt meet the tastes of Italians popular melodies, gipsy euro french swing rhythms meets italian swing popular songs, by the great authors such as Carosone, Buscaglione, Conte, Bongusto. Past to present: these are Clan Zingaro cardinal points: gipsy swing jazz manouche considered as a reference in the Italian contemporary and international jazz scene.

The Gipsies Clan with their distinctive sound, elegant but at the same time sober and original compositions design an contemporary gipsy jazz music world in continuous movement, contaminated by the most diverse cultures of the globe: electric turns, ethno world music bytes, big band atmospheres, visionary pulp cinema orchestrations. Spaghetti Gipsy is a contemporary manifesto of a glorious, naive, romantic and equally decadent Italy in black and white, where gypsy and french rhythms enhance its features with a new contemporary vital energy, where elegance and historical memories reflected in the simple postcard-songs of the period are revealed with renewed vigor and impact.

In their lives the sound of tradition meets contemporaneity, in a flow of vital and regenerating contamination that shows the music of today with the eyes of the past and vice versa.

If it were a recipe, it would be “Spaghetti Gipsy” a new rich but at the same time simple dish, as the Italian tradition has accustomed us well, where the aromatic notes of the distinct ingredients are harmonized by a single common denominator, just swing. Bon apetit.

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